About Stroke Beard Co.

Here at Stroke Beard Co. we take pride in what we do. Possibly even too much if that is even possible from a consumers standpoint. 

We have meticulously created out products with optimum results being above everything else. The ingredients used in our products are of the highest quality, and will leave your beard softer and more manageable after one use. We create our scents with the same amount of pride and originality as we did our carrier blends, ensuring you have a one of a kind scent to go with you new soft beard.

When we started developing these products a change occurred within ourselves, we have completely adopted the fact that in order to conquer each day, a man must give himself an affirmative look in the mirror. This is confidence. Confidence is what we produce. Confidence is what we wish to share with each and every one of our customers. Because, we know what life can be like for those without it, and we know what life can be like once you achieve it. Confidence is not found, it’s made. Take Care of yourself, and I mean that with everything inside of me. Cheers. 


Aaron & Al 

Stroke Beard Company