Beard Oils

Beard Oil Ingredients:

Emu Oil - Increases thickness of beard by strengthening roots. 

Golden Jojoba Oil - Promotes hair growth by reducing breakage and moisturizing beard.

Hempseed Oil - Increases blood circulation and relieves dry itchy skin.

Argan Oil - Reduces Split ends, adds shine.

Sweet Almond Oil - Reduces inflammation in skin which prevents beardruff.

Vitamin E Oil - Regenerative, stimulating oil that promote healthy hair growth, volume and elasticity to hair.

Fragrance and Essential Oil Blends - Makes you smell great. Expected scent duration 6-8 hours.

Beard oil Is the Swiss Army knife of beard care. Our beard oil is made using all natural ingredients and is specifically curated to have your beard looking like a million bucks! Beard itch? Not with this stuff. Grow your beard long and strong with our beard oil.  

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