Beard Butters

Beard Butter ingredients:

Shea Butter - natural beard softener, promotes healthy hair growth, protects skin and hair from harsh elements.

Mango Butter - protects against suns rays. seals and protects hair strands

Babassu Oil - Adds moisture and shine, without a greasy residue left behind

Emu Oil Increases thickness of beard by strengthening roots. 

Clear Jojoba Oil - Promotes hair growth by reducing breakage and moisturizing beard hairs.

Hempseed Oil - Increases blood circulation and relieves dry itchy skin.

Argan Oil Reduces Split ends, adds shine.

Sweet Almond Oil Reduces inflammation in skin which prevents beardruff.

Vitamin E Oil Regenerative, stimulating oil that promote healthy hair growth, volume and elasticity to hair.

Beeswax - Shapes beard while keeping hair soft and clean. Repels dirt, grime and moisture. 

Fragrance and Essential Oil blends - Makes beard smell great. Expected scent duration 6-8 hours. 

Overall this product is intended to condition your beard into submission, before long you will have an irresistibly soft beard that smell insanely good. Pair with matching beard oil for even longer lasting scent. 

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